Waves of citizenship, waves of legality

Europe for citizens Program

The 'Giovanni Falcone Foundation' has organized every year since 1993 the celebration connected to the anniversary of the murder of Giovanni Falcone, the antimafia judge killed by mafia on the 23rd of May 1992.

Following the example of Giovanni Falcone, whose commitment was not only addressed to counter organized crime by means of the law enforcement system but also to promote civil rights and active

citizenship of young people, the Foundation has addressed its activities to mainly promote a new culture and new social awareness among young people.

The Falcone Foundation will present the project 'Waves of citizenship, waves of legality' under the Europe for citizens Program, deadline 1st September.

GOAL OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to reinforce the role of organized civil society in combating and preventing crime and fostering the co-operation between the law enforcement system and civil society as exercise of participative democracy.

START DATE : January 2015 END DATE: May 2016


1) Cicle of debates with representatives of organised civil society committed to the prevention and fight against organized crime (Palermo, May 20015);

2) Cicle of meeting with different institutional representatives of the law enforcement system and participation to the celebrations and the initiatives connected with the 23rd anniversary of the murder of the judge Giovanni Falcone, killed by mafia (Palermo, May 20015);

3) International seminar on the possible cooperation between law enforcement institutions and organized civil society to combating and preventing crime (September 2015);

4) Local dissemination of the results in each partner country (October 2015-March 2016);

5) Evaluation meeting (April 2016)


For any information you may need, please contact by email