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PROJECT TITLE: (not decided yet)

POSSIBLE DATE AND VENUE: Scandiano, March 2015.

In 2014 the city of Scandiano is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the twinning agreement with Blansko – CZ (signed in 1964/65) and the 25th anniversary of the twinning agreement with Almansa – ES (signed in 1989). These events represents a good opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of these twinnings and in particular upon the evolution from the postwar period to date.

The aim of this project is to prevent the diffusion of an individualist and skeptic attitude of the citizens towards the EU by making them understand that the 'official' history of these latest 50 years of Europe is, after all, much closer to their everyday life than expected.
We don't want to retrace this half century of European history by quoting books and official historiography, but by encouraging the citizens of all partner cities to retrieve their memories, in particular those bound to the main European incidents/events and to their 'European experiences'. In other words, we want to recall and collect the collective memories from 1964 to date, with a glance backwards, i.e. to the twinning exchanges experienced with our partners so far, but also with a future-oriented perspective, that is their experience with the participation the EU projects, such as European citizens' meetings, life-long learning project (former Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo or Grundtvig) and so forth.
We want them to understand that the history of Europe is in the end deeply intertwined with their own personal history, therefore definitely 'living', actual and rooted in everybody's reality, and, as active European citizens all of them played, are playing and will have the chance to play their role in the shaping of the EU.

• from all countries eligible for the programme Europe for Citizens;
• cities/municipalities, twinning committees, non-profit organizations representing their local authority.

• Conferences
• Debates
• Exhibitions
• Audiovisuals
• Themed meals
• Live performances
• Etc.

Comune di Scandiano – Municipality of Scandiano
Ufficio Gemellaggi e Relazioni Internazionali – EU policies Bureau