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Tourism education

The VET Institution 'Centro Formativo Provinciale G.Zanardelli' located in Brescia (Lombardy Region, Italy) looks for partners in Europe for a project in the field of tourism education in order to participate to the first Call 2015 (march/april).

The experience of didactical hotels and restaurants marks the educational hotel- touristic field thanks to a 'modus operandi' of schools and companies, which completely fulfill the teaching methodology 'learning by doing' , typical of the vocational education.
In Lombardy Region the didactical hotel experience is carried out by four Vocational Schools, whereas it is more common to find an experience of didactical restaurants in State Schools.
In recent years it is highly requested the hotel-touristic education not only in DDIF courses (compulsory education: recently enrolments at secondary schools for the school year 2014/2015 are increasing), but also in the service sector education (Lombardy Region has recently approved two foundations ITS in touristic fields) and in the permanent and long-life education.
Lombardy Region is going to manage the Expo 2015, which is a essential relaunch and improvement of the whole regional touristic field, which requires specific as well as suitable skills according to the modern touristic needs.
General objective of the Project is to:
- Strength the didactical hotel and restaurants experience through a knowledge of good practices and the overcoming of relevant difficulties of such activity;
- Underline the efficiency of such experiences for disadvantaged subjects and how such educational approach overcomes social, linguistic and cultural differences;
- Introduce new processes to acknowledge and validate competences, specifying competences for a hotel-touristic operator, especially mountain and lake tourism
- identify the gap between the required professional curricula and the skilled operators in order to supply normative competences frameworks with contributes at different levels (minimum educational standard for DDIF courses, standard educational regional frameworks for long-life education, regional and state laws for IFTS and ITS courses)

The huge effects of such project is believed to realize a wider efficiency of tourists activities in favor of involved local communities (for Italy: Valle Camonica, Garda Lake, Como Lake, etc.)
Italian partners are:
- Vocational Schools for hotel-touristic operators (CFP Zanardelli, C.F.P. Canossa in Brescia, Fondazione Cometa in Como)
- Technical Professional Pole, touristic field (leading schools)
- Technical Professional Pole, wine-food field (leading schools)

Deadline of this partner search is 30rd september 2014, in order to start to work at the project together with all partners.

We ask you to be so kind to disseminate the partner search among your local and regional contacts (Vocational Schools for hotel-touristic operators, Hotel-touristic professional associations, labor union, Local Institutions, Technical Professional Pole in touristic and wine-food field, local foundations).

For further information and contacts:
Centro Formativo Provinciale G. Zanardelli
Mrs. Erica Cigolini
via F. Gamba 10/12
25128 Brescia