Eramus + K2

Multiple Intelligences in Young Learners

The study will take place in one of the bilingual schools of Murcia. (CEIP Reino de Murcia).

The main aim of this project is to understand how successfully pupils learn content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and the relationship between measured levels of multiple-intelligence and school success. Ethnographic methodologies will be used to observe, document and interpret children's behaviours, intelligences and interactions in the classroom. This project attempts to help teachers gain a better understanding of how children learn.

Profile of partners sought

We at the school look forward to working with partner schools in Switzerland, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland, Sweden, United Kingdom and Finland.

These schools should have adopted a Multiple Intelligences teaching practices.

Contact person details


· Francisco Julián Martínez Clemente.

· Alexandre Bárez Pérez.


Calle Flores, 5 - El Ranero, 30009 Murcia

Phone: 968 29 78 16

Fax: 968297816


Main objectives.

· To develop a Learning and Teaching Toolkit about Multi-Intelligences.

· To produce and develop Multiple Intelligences educational material.

· To improve the quality of teacher education in this field.

· To adapt and use these new materials according to individual capacities and skills of our students.

Main activities/ Actions.

- Prepare to research our main topic. (Multi-Intelligences)

- Research.

- Invite members.

- To present the project.

- Managing the Project.

- Review and trim.

- To assess project