Europa per i cittadini - Ricerca partner

InformaGiovani di Palermo is willing to submit a project proposal under Europe for citizens programme at the next deadline (beginning of september).

Theme of the project will be importance of information toward citizens' participation in democratic life.

In particular, the project will focus on the importance of access to adequate, up-to-date and relevant information to promote citizens' involvement in European projects as well as equal possibilities to benefit from European programmes.

Namely, the project will consist of a series of training, to be run over the period of 12 months in 4 different countries of 4 different geographical areas (South, Central-North, North-Easter, South-Easter).

Subjects of the trainings should be

- European Programmes for social actions and citizenship
- Local networking and social actions

Each training will involve 25-28 participants (10 from abroad, 15-18 from the hosting country).

The idea is to involve 20 partners from 10 different countries.
Each country should involve 1 NGO and 1 public local authority.

If you are interested in being partner of the project, please write to to fill the necessary form and send it back (by the 27TH OF AUGUST) including also.