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Waves of citizenship, waves of legality

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Europe for citizens Program

The "Giovanni Falcone Foundation" has organized every year since 1993 the celebration connected to the anniversary of the murder of Giovanni Falcone, the antimafia judge killed by mafia on the 23rd of May 1992.

Following the example of Giovanni Falcone, whose commitment was not only addressed to counter organized crime by means of the law enforcement system but also to promote civil rights and active

citizenship of young people, the Foundation has addressed its activities to mainly promote a new culture and new social awareness among young people.

The Falcone Foundation will present the project "Waves of citizenship, waves of legality" under the Europe for citizens Program, deadline 1st September.

GOAL OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to reinforce the role of organized civil society in combating and preventing crime and fostering the co-operation between the law enforcement system and civil society as exercise of participative democracy.

START DATE : January 2015 END DATE: May 2016


1) Cicle of debates with representatives of organised civil society committed to the prevention and fight against organized crime (Palermo, May 20015);

2) Cicle of meeting with different institutional representatives of the law enforcement system and participation to the celebrations and the initiatives connected with the 23rd anniversary of the murder of the judge Giovanni Falcone, killed by mafia (Palermo, May 20015);

3) International seminar on the possible cooperation between law enforcement institutions and organized civil society to combating and preventing crime (September 2015);

4) Local dissemination of the results in each partner country (October 2015-March 2016);

5) Evaluation meeting (April 2016)


For any information you may need, please contact by Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


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Scadenza 7 ottobre

Carmarthenshire County Council - Tourism department are looking for partner organisations ( SMEs and local /regional authorities) to apply to the following COSME call:
-COS-WP2014-3-15-03 : Diversifying the EU Tourism Offer and Products - Sustainable Transnational Tourism Products 2014.
The main objective of this call is to strengthen competitiveness of the European tourism sector as well as its sustainability by encouraging diversification of the supply of tourist services and products.
The project proposals should aim at promoting sustainable transnational tourism products ( such as e.g: routes, itineraries, trails, tourism offer...)
in sport or wellness activities in relation to one of the following types of tourism: coastal or maritime or mountain or rural tourism.

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"Europe for Citizens"

EDIC Enna, Sicily, Italy, searching partners for project proposal under the Strand 2- Civil Society Projects "Europe for Citizens" Specific Aim: Encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, by developimg citizens' understanding of Union policy making-process and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at Union level. Who can apply: Non profit organizations – civil society organizations – educational cultural or research institutions.
Topic: Immigration. The project aims at involving local citizenship, migrants communities, representatives, local authorities, cooperation actors presenting the contents through innovative tools with a high potential to involve people.
For further information contact us at the following email Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

"Europe for citizens" - STRAND 2

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New Horizon Association

New Horizon Association, a hosting structure of Europe Direct Smolyan, Bulgaria is seeking for partners for the "Europe for citizens" programme, STRAND 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation, specific measure – Civil society projects.

Initiatives of the project will include developing opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning, solidarity, societal engagement and volunteering at EU level, revealed through meetings and discussions with immigrants.

Who can apply - Non-profit organisations, including civil society organisations, educational, cultural or research institutions

Mind that applicants must have an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) account.

For further info contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

"Europe for Citizens" - ricerca partner

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EDIC Vratsa, Bulgaria and its host structure – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, have commenced preparation of project proposal under the "Europe for Citizens" programme, Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation, Measure Civil Society Projects. Project activities will be aimed at encouraging the participation of citizens in the democratic process and civil society at EU level.

The theme is: Overcoming youth unemployment – a part of Europe's future. The deadline for submission of project proposals is until 1st of September 2014.

Those interested to take part and be our partners, please send us a short presentation of your organization until 31st of July 2014 at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Studio Europa

Lo Studio Europa è lo studio radiofonico della Rappresentanza. Lo studio radio permette a tutte le emittenti radiofoniche che lo richiedano di registrare, montare e trasmettere, in diretta o in differita, programmi incentrati sull'Unione europea. Cliccando qui sotto potete trovare le trasmissioni di 22 minuti – Una settimana d'Europa in Italia e Un Libro per l'Europa.